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Ship of Souls has been getting some great reviews! We have a five-star review from the Vine program on, and Edi over at Crazy Quilts has paired her wonderful review with the top ten songs on the German pop chart!

Some authors are writers while others are storytellers. I think this short novel attests to Elliott’s skills as both. The events flow flawlessly, without contradictions or miscues. Historic elements are woven into the story from the American Revolution to 9/11 which speak to the presence of so many ethnic groups in the creation of America and the historic misinterpretation of their contribution. Water, trees and birds are magical elements of nature that serve as portals between the physical world and other dimensions. And then there’s Nyla and Keem, two supporting characters who are developed so well that we cannot help but wonder what more will happen to them, alone and/or together.

We also got a thoughtful review from Lyn Miller-Lachmann over at The Pirate Tree:

In contrast to many works of urban fantasy, Elliott concentrates less on world building and more on building the reader’s emotional attachment to her characters, particularly her protagonist, D. If more authors of fantasy did the same, I would read more fantasy…This story will appeal especially to middle grade boys, who’ll appreciate both the fast-paced adventure and the fact that the author has created a safe space to explore emotional issues experienced by many of her target readers.

The Pirate Tree will also run an interview with me later in the week. There was one 3-star review on Amazon from a teacher who said her reluctant reader couldn’t get into it—and she didn’t care for the book herself. Makes you wonder about the connection between a teacher’s impression of a book and its chances in the hands of her students…


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