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Coming in February 2012

Ship of Souls, the next novel by Zetta Elliott, will be published by AmazonEncore in February 2012. Pre-order your copy today!

Set in New York City, Ship of Souls features a cast of three African-American teens: D, a math whiz; Hakeem, a Muslim basketball star; and Nyla, a beautiful military brat. When D’s mother dies of breast cancer, he is taken in by Mrs. Martin, an elderly white woman. Grateful to have a home, D strives to please his foster mother and succeeds—until Mercy arrives. Unable to compete with a needy, crack-addicted baby, D disappears into the nearby park and immerses himself in bird watching. At school, he unexpectedly makes friends with Nyla and Hakeem, but just when D thinks he has finally found a way to belong, an unexpected discovery in the park changes everything. A mysterious bird leads D and his friends on a perilous journey that will take them from Brooklyn to the African Burial Ground in lower Manhattan, and into the very realm of the dead. Their courage and loyalty are tested every step of the way, but in the end, it is D who must find the strength to fulfill his destiny. Steeped in history and suspense, this inspiring urban fantasy provides an enriching experience that readers will find hard to forget.


About elliottzetta

I'm a black feminist writer of poetry, plays, essays, novels, and stories for children. I was born and raised in Canada, but have lived in the US for over a dozen years. I teach and write in Brooklyn. When I'm not writing, you're most likely to find me strolling through the botanic garden...

9 responses to “Coming in February 2012

  1. Ed Spicer

    Zetta, I am looking forward to reading this. Cheers!

  2. elliottzetta ⋅

    Thanks, Ed! Waiting to see the cover is agonizing…

  3. Oh gosh, you have no idea how much I’m waiting for this. The plot sounds so exciting. Nice blog!

  4. elliottzetta ⋅

    Thanks, Summer! an ARC should be heading your way soon–you, too, Ed!

  5. Summer Edward ⋅

    Oh, I just saw your reply. Gee, thanks, yayy, I would love an ARC 🙂

  6. dear zetta: how brilliant… and exciting is the prospect of this new novel of yours…you always stretch and push and go beyond the usual…the traditional realms of realistic fiction(s)….
    so looking forward

  7. elliottzetta ⋅

    Thanks, Arnold!

  8. Kelly

    Your forthcoming novel sounds amazing! Look forward to reading it. Congratulations!

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